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“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

– Tony Robbins



When choosing a Cyber-Security Company it is critical that you select a company that…

1 They perceive cyber security as their job or their mission?

We have a different perception of security. We understand the power it commands. We see it as being our mission rather than just a job or a career. This changes the way we approach it and the dynamic in the organisation. When you value something in this way the level of commitment is extraordinary. We go out of our way to make it happen. We can operate under the most challenging conditions and our only acceptable outcome is a successful solution for our customers.

2 Is the company committed to providing bespoke solutions rather than off the shelf products?

We view our customers as individuals rather than just a number. We understand the importance of analysing and assessing your needs before advising on a custom made product which is capable of delivering high end security which is makes the process seamless for you as a customer.
Even our products that are sold online have the quality of being independent and bespoke using a unique factor based solution so that the risk of an attacker being able to reverse engineer them is diminished.

3 Does it provide a seamless security service for you?

At Y. Secure World Vision we spend time researching how we can provide a quality service to ensure the best possible customer experience without complications or delay. We use methods that take advantage of a variety of learning and implementation models to deliver the feeling of seamless security.
– We see cyber-security from a holistic point of view and consider the bigger picture when designing solutions to ensure we are best placed to anticipate future types of attack. We consider ourselves to be a holistic security company rather than a one dimensional cyber security company.
– We provide our customers with solutions that give the lowest risk of a potential attack when compared with other known methods due to our bespoke delivery model.
– We enable our customers to take control of their security.
– We are re aligning the relationships between cyber-security and customers and moving away from the reactive forceful approach to a proactive and supportive one which embeds the process effortlessly into their daily tasks. .

4 Does it outsource its work to 3rd party providers?

We know relying on 3rd parties can create unnecessary risk and not always deliver the highest level of security solutions to our customers. We operate on a philosophy that we stay independent and pride ourselves on the bespoke solutions we can provide. We work collaboratively with other companies to ensure we contribute to the dissemination of best working practices across the industry.
Every time we make a recommendation to our customers, it is objective and takes into account their specific needs; we do not have any interests in other organisations who could or do make a financial gain on the back of our recommendations. .

5 Can it provide high end security measures to protect your designs from being compromised?

High-end sophisticated attackers know your weak points. Do not be surprised to find out that your security-expert might become your entry point of an attack as this is an emerging trend with hackers.

We have the infrastructures and policies in place to protect your security designs from being compromised and we have taken a further step; if your data does become exposed then our security solutions prevent the attacker from interpreting the content meaning the data will have no value to them. .

6 Can it apply heavy-handed measures to prevent security attacks from penetrating further into your systems as soon as they appear?

Our prevent, detect and recover phases are designed based on the creation of realistic scenarios both common and rare. This translates into increased prevention outcomes. .

7 Can it protect their customers from widespread catastrophe?

Although substantial measures are taken in order to prevent an attack from occurring the best security experts know that they have to be prepared for when an attack does take place.

We have in house expertise on how to respond to incidents, manage and control the attack and minimize and control the damage. We even carry out forensic investigations after the event in order to discover its origin and advise how best to reduce the risk of similar attacks from happening again.

8 Does it take a holistic approach to cyber-security?

We know that security is one of the major pillars of success for a corporation due to information being one of its most valuable assets. That is why we design and implement security solutions considering all factors that may affect the outcome. We focus not only on the back-end which are your systems and infrastructure but we also give you a holistic solution which includes your front end (users level) to deal with the emerging trend of social engineering.

We think like a hacker and use that knowledge to your advantage.

9 Can it advise you on the best requirements to meet your security needs?

A successful security solution is comprised of several components; knowing the trends, discovering all points of entry, safeguarding the weak links, follow the data path… Mostly though it is taking the time to evaluate and show each customer what they really need.
We spend most of the time on specification stages. We examine thoroughly each client’s needs and from there we design a bespoke solution.

10 Does it design, provide and implement products which meet the highest standards around the world?

For us it does not matter the size of your company and the industry you are in. We design and implement first class security solutions for all types of businesses. The security solutions you will get from us meet the standards of the governments around the world and NASA.

You need to level up your defence game in order to be able to deal with the new sophisticated high-end attacks that are coming your way…

Secure World Vision, Your digital haven…    

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