Transformational Training based on science & Usability

The most effective protection shield against current challenges and attacks is the HUMAN FACTOR.

Yiota Nicolaidou has developed state of the art training programs targeting at avoiding even the most sophisticated and invisible attacks like zero days and hardware level backdoors.

Each product and service has been developed through extensive research on the most advance attacks and brain functionality.

This approach  will enable each person in your company who participates in the training to immediately apply their knowledge, thus increasing your level of security by 65%.

Additionally, your employees will continue employing security measures and behaviour they acquired during the training in the long-term. Thus, they will turn from risky to valuable assets that contribute to the protection of your business.

Security has become one of the basic pillars for business survival. Learn how to maximize things that are in your management team control and how to mitigate the risks that are out of your control. Take back the control of your security with the fundamental knowledge specifically formulated for the Boardroom. 


Security can feel like second nature if you know how to do it properly. Through training your team will
alter their negative mindset toward security, and establish secure behaviors in a fast, simple and memorable way that will become their second nature. Mind rewiring from bad behaviors to secure
We are giving you the road map for GDPR Implementation in a UNIQUE GDPR Workshop which will blow your mind. The workshop covers the legislation, technology infrastructure requirements (virtual & physical), policies & procedures and training requirements. It is literally the compass to GDPR complete implementation. In fact, we solve with you live at the seminar difficult issues you face for your compliance. 


Passwords posses the power to cancel even the best security protection. According to an MIT research “you have been misled about what makes a good password.” The only training in the world with the ability to change your team’s capabilities to avoid triggering cyber and physical attacks related to the authentication process.

“Systems change. Skills stay forever.” Yiota Nicolaidou

Learn the secrets to keeping your company and your future secure


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