Security Fingerprint Division

The purpose of this division is to offer tailor made information protection solutions to corporations and individuals.


If you don’t design your own life plan,
chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan
And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.


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Organisations now rely heavily on computers to store both sensitive corporate and customer information. Such information is nowadays considered a vital part of an organisation’s assets and can strongly influence the value of the organisation.


Furthermore, threats from criminals and terrorists who target an organisation’s information systems are dramatically increasing thus making the protection of information a necessity for the survival of the business.

When information falls into the wrong hands or is destroyed, the reputation of the organisation is damaged, or at worst leads to the business collapsing. Other risks include successful compensation claims which can then impact on the profits and sustainability of the business.

Presently, many organisations have adopted a solutions model for the protection of their information by utilising off the shelf products rather than developing a security strategy; an off the shelf product rarely satisfies all the business needs and is now considered to be the most risky approach to dealing with online security. When systems and technological devices are vulnerable they can be easily compromised leading to :

Customer data becoming exposed,

Fraudulent transactions taking place and

Sensitive data being made available to competitors if a ransom is not paid. .

Our approach – designing bespoke corporate security products from scratch.

We analyse all aspects of the business to assess its needs taking into account the environment in which it operates. We use a holistic approach to security by developing security strategies which offer high end products designed to create sophisticated security systems to protect your valuable information and in turn the survival of the business itself.

We include fault and threat tolerances in our designs to give you the ability to control and reduce the possibilities of an attack and to minimise any damage from such attacks. Our work prevents unauthorised access to valuable information and thus protecting the reputation of the business as well as its continuing operations . Our security solutions reduce the likelihood of productivity and/or profitability of the company being affected should a cyber attack take place.


Threat awareness


Data path analysis & evaluation

Insiders threat levels evaluation

Evaluation of Access to Information

Data Connection Evaluation & Design

Custom Made Solution

Holistic approach to solutions

Unique Solutions for your needs


Focus on front end- Personnel Training

Defence mechanisms

Low cost & Impact Attack Recovery

Disaster Prepareness

Focus on your security weaknesses

Impact on Worldwide Security


Build-in Unpredictability



Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.

Deepak Chopra



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