InControl-Your protection Strategy

Security has become one of the main pillars for business survival, and with hybrid sophisticated attacks on the rise the emergence of strategic holistic security is inevitable.

At we offer a holistic approach to security, which builds a protective environment by tying together all elements (hardware, software, processes and policies, and third-party infrastructure) and adding another level – training of your team.

Our philosophy combines a data centric approach with “redundancy” – the approach used for safety critical infrastructures and intelligent agencies around the globe in order to arm business corporations with the most effective protection shield against current challenges and attacks.

INControl; is the state of the art signature consulting service targeting at avoiding even the most sophisticated and invisible attacks like zero days and hardware level backdoors.

Whether you are a small or medium size business or a big corporation, an online business or an entrepreneur, a VIP or an investor or you operate only through your website we got you covered and worry-free to focus on the essence of your business & brand.


Whether you are high-stake infrastructure or an SME (small & medium size business) we design your business protection.
Your brand is your image and your office is of virtual substance. Modern threats pause no limitations to your success. Tune INControl and stay both connected & protected!


Let us take care of your virtual office protection, your website. Protection Mode ON-No more interruptions & client loss. 
Do you face the most sophisticated challenges in terms of your security? That is why we are here! Challenge runs in our veins & YOU can be INControl!


The basic principle behind our mode of operation is the zero-trust model which allows our clients to experience the avoidance of their business protection control by any other party than themselves.

We challenge you to experience protection with ease and become INControl of your valuable assets’ protection.


Learn the secrets to keeping your company and your future secure


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