GDPR Compliance for your business

Effective GDPR compliance is not only a legal matter. By fact, no consent or agreement will achieve 100% compliance and you can verify that by the data breaches which reach the news tablets worldwide and the reasons behind the fines involved with them.

GDPR is a privacy compliance framework comprised by the following pillars:

GDPR Pillar 1: The legal responsibilities of your company against individuals.
GDPR Pillar 2: The physical & virtual infrastructure of your business which support the protection of individuals data.
GDPR Pillar 3: The map your employees, collaborators and anyone dealing with individuals data you hold should follow and comply with in order to protect it.


GDPR Pillar 4: Personel is always considered a weak link in data protection mainly due to mistakes. Through training you can transform them to your greatest ally for individuals data protection.


The scope of our services covers all before mentioned pillars as well as measures that will not only enhance compliance with GDPR but also the protection of the organization from cyber & physical attacks and data breaches as well as the minimization of insider mistakes.

One of the key features is the avoidance of the domino effect of an attack & the high GDPR fines of a data breach with the use of our exclusive model CRIATM; a model developed based on classified information & safety critical infrastructure standards. 

Our GDPR team comprises of accredited business consultants, security strategists, asset protection experts & lawyers specializing in contracts and agreements practicing European law in order to offer you a full & complete compliant package and help you protect both your business from GDPR fines which can result from a data breach as well as maintain your brand reputation which is PRICELESS.

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