We live in a world where the collective good is one of the most fulfilling purposes in life.
The costs of just one cyber attack can run into millions of pounds, dollars or euros. Where this attack has been instigated by those who support terrorist activities it is capable of impacting on everyone around the world. We believe there is both a personal and collective responsibility to stop this type of behavior by taking steps to protect ourselves and thus indirectly the wider world.

Terrorist groups have created a culture of fear and have managed to spread this fear around the world. Most, if not all, of their victims are innocent citizens who have not wronged them in any way.

The agenda of most terrorists is to achieve power which in turn they utilise to benefit either their political, religious or economic aims. They seek to kill and maim innocent people to further their aims which can be misguided or influenced by others who are instructing them to carry out the acts on their behalf and using them as pawns.

One scaLe exisTs to determine the moral choIces we make as human beings; either ethical or not.

There is only one deciSion to make every time and that deciSion IS to create or to destroy

We at choose to create.

We choose to lead through the darkness of danger to a safer place, to a haven for us and future generations.

We choose tO be a Force for good. This is thE mission we are aligned wiTH and this is the purpose of Our exiStence.

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